The Vacuous UGGs Cult

To take my mind off the heart shattering news, I’ve decided to take a different approach, enjoy.


The Australian-made “boots” have recently been catching fire, especially among the female community; however, do consumers realize how detrimental these pathetic excuses for shoes are? And not to forget, of course, how foolish they look? Through ignorance and a dreadful sense of style, girls and women worldwide have only supported the cause. They claim that they are warm and comfortable, but is walking on a comfortable, yet overpriced sheepskin worth the humility and health risks that come along?

The Australians have indeed been crafty; they manufactured the boots to be cozy and warm, and that is exactly why women love them. UGGs reached an all time high stock value of 118 USD last year, and raked in a ridiculous 1.2 billion USD – to put this in perspective, Nike’s stock price is around 97 USD. “They’re warm, comfortable, and I can wear them with anything! Did I mention it’s like waking on a cloud?” As stated by a firm believer in these foot contraptions.

UGGs seemed to have become the default boot choice for women these days, but they do not deserve their apparent monopoly over the boot market. The fact that they are comfortable seems to be the only defense that consumers cling onto so dearly; in that case, women should just duct tape pillows to their feet for a similar result. This recent trend is the most grotesque thing to hit the shoe market since the infamous ‘Crocs’. A female source claimed, “Everyone wears them, I get that they’re warm, but they provide no foot support and are flat out ugly”. Why does there have to be a trade-off between attractiveness and comfort. Surely some slightly more rational boot producers have found the balance between a snug fit and visually appealing shoe.

Aside from any physical flaws, UGGs have been proven to ruin women’s feet over long periods of time. It is designed like a slipper; therefore it should not be treated like an everyday shoe. The typical consumer base of the boots is females between the ages of eight and sixteen, at this age, “their feet, the bones of their feet and the ligaments of their feet haven’t fully formed, so they’re still quite plastic,” reports Dr. Ian Drysdale, principal of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. The lack of support provided by the shoe causes the foot and ankle to roll inward and it increases the chances of the flatfoot effect, consequently stressing the knees, joints, and in the long term, the back. It also has about the same support offered by the previously proposed “pillow shoe”.

The UGG Company claims their shoes provide adequate support, despite the contrasting results that studies have shown. They should take responsibility and warn customers with foot problems that their boots are not the smartest option, especially not for therapeutic purposes. Besides, you can’t say “ugly” without “UGG”.


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