Will The Syrian Opposition Win?

The Russian envoy to the Middle East has stated, “Syrian rebels are gaining ground and might win.” As for the fact that Russia has been Bashar Al- Asads strongest ally, it is concerning for the regime that Russia is consenting to their growing weakness, and to their soon to be downfall. One must look the facts in the face,” Russia’s state-run RIA quoted Mikhail Bogdanov as saying. “Unfortunately, the victory of the Syrian opposition cannot be ruled out.”Bogdanov, a deputy foreign minister and the Kremlin’s special envoy for Middle East affairs, said the Syrian government was “losing control of more and more territory.”

Furthermore the head of the opposition Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib has publically stated that no foreign help is needed anymore. He believes that the opposition has began to make headway and they have began to have the upper hand in the civil war that has been happening for now more than a year and 10 months. The rebels have also stated they are close to winning Aleppo and by doing this they will have technically, on the basis of territory, won.

As Russia heeds a possible defeat the United States acknowledges that Russia is finally coming to “reality.” The EU in the last three days has also publically stated that they will help Syria get its ground in every and any way possible once Bashar Al- Asad is forced out of power. All these signs, and reactions by countries show that the Syrian government may be on their way into a steep downfall, which will essentially result in the democracy people are calling for.

Now the United States has given their own reaction. Compared to President Obama just a few weeks ago declaring that the US will get involved if any chemical weapons are used, the administration is declaring that the international community is helping Syria make the “smooth democratic transition” according to State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland. Now why is it that before the revolution was a civil war, and a tragedy? Yet once the Syrian opposition got ahead it has become a smooth democratic transition? Why has the U.S. once again twisted the facts to the advantage of the United States having contributed greatly to the downfall of the regime? The Obama administration did not help, on the contrary the extent of their contribution was words that said if things escalated they would get involved. Yet 150 people in Syria have been dying everyday. It has been estimated to 50,150 civilians have died, and over 1.5 million civilians have become refugees. If this was not the escalation that the United States called for then what is?

So in short the opposition is on their way to winning, and the United States has once again taken the situation and turned it to their own advantage.


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