What Palestine needs desperately

There is a pressing need for a representative voice in Palestine. It seems the only contender out there is Hamas. But who is this group that the nation seems to be leaning on? Well for one, they are escorting Palestine into a likely state of war, as if their current plight wasn’t horrific enough. The nation needs to prove that they are indeed a victim of genocide and targeted assassinations to the media, but Hamas’ form of violent resistance is doing nothing but hindering their country’s reputation. As cliche as it may be, violence is not the solution. I see the country in dire need of an organized voice – sort of like a provisional government – to effectively create an orderly form of peaceful resistance, because David simply has no match for Goliath in this battle.


One response to “What Palestine needs desperately

  1. I love what you did at the end with the david and goliath. This is great! i love it! But write more i want to see what else you have to say!

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