Palestine- The Horror A Nation Has Gone Through

In statistics last updated on April 25th of 2012 the following was concluded:

  • 126 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 1,476 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000.
  • 1,096 Israelis and at least 6,568 Palestinians killed since September 29, 2000 
  • 10,792 Israelis have been injured, while 60,000 Palestinians have been injured since September 29th 2000
  • 8.2 Million dollars a day goes to Israeli military, while 0 dollars goes to Palestinian military. 
  • 0 Israelis prisoners held by Palestinians, on the contrary 5,604 Palestinians prisoners held by Israelis (this was the current situation on April 25th 2012.) 
  • 0 Israeli homes have been demolished, 24,813 Palestinian homes have been demolished since 1967.

For many people around the world these statistics would be both a surprise and then concerning.A false portrayal of Palestine has been spread around the world by Israeli propaganda.Reading an article by CNN published yesterday (November 17th 2012) Rafel Moshe in the article said  “How would you feel if your children were constantly scared?” Israel is not the victim in this situation, as the statistics have shown. Palestinian children are constantly in fear, not Israeli children. Palestinians are the ones that have to hear bombs and gun shots all night, Palestinians are the ones that are living in constant fear.

Three years ago I first read about Iman Darweesh Al Hams. She was a thirteen year old girl that was shot on her way to school. Why was she shot? Because she walked too near a military observation post. Originally the  militants had said that they thought she was planting a bomb, but the review of the auto recording of the conversation between the soldiers showed that from the beginning they knew she was no harm. Iman was shot 17 times according to a doctor, and the search of her bag showed it was full of only textbooks. Ehab Al Hams her older brother was not allowed to get near her body for hours, so he was forced to stand on the side lines sobbing “My sister was just an innocent girl.”

When researching Iman I also heard stories of two other boys, one named Muhammad al-Durrah. Muhammads story was filmed by a camera man as he was filming Israelis rioting through Palestinian territories. Muhammad was caught in the crossfire with his father, Jamal Al- Durrah. The footage, and I will have a link at the bottom of this article of it, depicts father and son holding each other, crying for help, the father crying and waving and a minute later the boy slumped across his fathers leg covered with blood.

I am horrified by these stories of the Palestinian children that have been murdered in cold blood. These children have parents who find out one moment that their children were shot multiple times, these parents have to deal with the fact that their children will never grow up. Children live in fear of not being able to see their parents when they get back from school. We must honor the lives that they deserved to have but were murdered before they were attained.We must find a way to give their families a solace that will mean something compared to the lack of justice all the Israeli militants faced for these deaths.A sense of humanity  has been lost with the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, because if we are living in a world where these thousands of children are not honored and are not avenged then we are in a world where murder is acceptable, where the public lacks morals and empathy, where peace is not sought after.

This is the video of Muhammad al-Durrah, watching it will bring anyone to tears.

Below Left: Muhammad Al-Durrah with his father Jamal Al-Durrah

Below right: Iman Al Hams


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