Gaza is a massacre

It really makes one wonder, why on earth is the West overlooking the genocide in Gaza? I see no signs of unawareness in today’s media, but rather maybe that people take it for granted or disregard it. But listening to this man’s vivid imagery really shook me, I’d like to hear what you guys have to say, any thoughts or opinions?


5 responses to “Gaza is a massacre

  1. At one point, he had us the visualize the tightening of an infant’s grip on their parent, holding onto dear life. Perfect imagery in his words. Such utter passion. It almost moved me to tears. Zionism is no different than nazism, only this time the West and Israel think they have greater justification. It’s disheartening. 😦

    • You’re completely right, they’re both forms of extremism, and really, is any form of extremism good? I don’t think so, and the attacks in Gaza have gone way overboard.

  2. What is happening in Gaza and how the western world is reacting to it is a showcases of “Might is Right”. Israel with its might is allowed to do whatever it wants.

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